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pieterhpieterh wrote on 10 Nov 2009 15:16 (Sticky)

This is the design section for new and changed features in Wikidot.

  • Use the Whiteboard Area for all speculation, concepts, and raw designs. Do not start new designs directly in the design section. Only mature, peer-reviewed designs should move to the design section.
  • Designs are closed when implemented.
  • Designs should where possible look like documentation for the final feature.
  • Please do not discuss on design threads directly but start subthreads for different aspects of designs, and close subthreads when they are done.

Here is how to design new functionality:

  1. Explain what you are trying to do, in high level terms (not in terms of code)
  2. Explain what functionality you used
  3. Explain why that did not do what you wanted (specific failures or issues)
  4. Allow the other party to respond - (a) do it differently or (b) need a change
  5. In case of (b), allow the other party to propose the change
  6. Review the change proposal, which becomes a soft contract
  7. Hope the work happens rapidly… :-)
  8. When it's ready, review the change and use it
  9. Confirm that you can now do what you want to achieve

Here is how not to design new functionality:

  1. Describe some feature and then explain why it's great.

Start a new sub-thread

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