Forum Guide

This forum implements the TopicTree pattern for forum discussion. It uses a number of key Wikidot features:

  • Per-page comments, via the Comments module
  • Live-templating, to format section and thread pages
  • Cross-site includes, to pull in packages like the scrollbar
  • Customizable themes
  • Page parenting and breadcrumbs

Roughly, the forum consists of a set of 'sections', each with a number of 'threads', and each thread can contain sub-threads, to any level of nesting. Each section, and thread or sub-thread is a page.

You can add special tags to thread pages to make them behave in certain ways:

  • _sticky creates a sticky thread, which always shows first in lists of threads
  • _closed pushes the thread to the end of the list and marks it "(Closed)"
  • _task shows the thread on the list of open tasks in the side bar menu
  • _nocomment disables per-page comments and asks the user to use sub-threads to discuss
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